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Are You Sure Your Floor Plans Are Perfect?

Walk Your Floor Plans In Life Size

walk yor future home in TRUE-TO-LIFE SCALE

Project Your Floor Plans — Life-Size

See and Feel the Scale Before You Build: Grasp the true dimensions of your home before construction, ensuring every space unfolds just as you’ve dreamed.

Bypass Costly Mistakes and Delays: Begin with perfected plans to sidestep potential $35,000 mid-construction adjustments.

Refine with Assurance: Join 98% of our Lifesizers (Lifesize Plans clients) in enhancing designs after a walkthrough, ensuring every detail of your home is crafted to perfection.

Minimise Risk, Maximise Satisfaction

Safeguard Your Dream from Builder’s Remorse

90% of People Building Their Dream Home End Up with Regrets: Many find themselves stuck with 'what ifs' and disappointments that affect how happy they are with the final build.

Try Before You Build: Consider it a test-drive for your home, ensuring your plan is solid and ready before any construction begins.

See It First, Build It Right: Our life-size walkthroughs eliminate unexpected surprises, transforming your dream into a tangible, regret-free reality.


Benefits of Lifesize Plans

The Original in World-First Patented Walkthrough Technology

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Foresee potential issues and rectify them.

Design Clarity

With Lifesize Plans, you truly experience your future home.

Enhance Your Design

Collaborate easily to discover and rectify any design issues

Join a global community

Elevate Your Home Building Experience: Join the Ranks of Over 5,000+ Satisfied Lifesizers!

Why Lifesize

The Original in World-First Patented Walkthrough Technology

Be Among the 10%

Don't join the 90% of home builders who regret their floor plans post-build.

Save Smartly

Avoid expensive mid-construction changes and save an average of $35,000.

Zero Guesswork

Experience your home's true dimensions before building it.


Keep your project on track and on budget.

What's Included in Your Walkthrough?

Ready to Dive In? Don't just dream—walk through your perfect home with unmatched clarity.The Original in World-First Patented Walkthrough Technology

Immerse yourself in a lifelike tour of your dream home, corner to corner.

Get into the nitty-gritty of specific areas, including pools and outdoor spaces.

Navigate your plans with our specialists, enriching your understanding and fine-tuning as needed.

Experiment with layouts and furniture; we make it easy to shift and optimise.

Gain a holistic understanding with a unique aerial perspective.

Ensure your garage is a perfect fit, right down to charging stations for electric vehicles.

Ready in 3 steps

Join the ranks of Lifesizers who've made confident, stress-free decisions. Refine your design and reap tangible rewards today!


Call or Book Online: Secure your spot and send us your plans.

Walk Your Plans

Focus and Step Inside: Visit our Sydney studio for a 1:1 scale projection and make live adjustments.


Seal the Deal: Finalise your design and proceed with your build, knowing you've perfected your plans.

Awards & Accolades

Big Ideas, Happy Customers: Award-Winning Service & Innovation

Lifesize Plans is the original in world-first

We're regularly winning awards for innovation.

Our service is top-rated with a 4.9/5 Google Rating.

Proud to be the PropTech Highest Achiever of the Year 2022.

Trusted by Thousands of Clients

From Guesswork to Crystal-Clear

"Witnessing our home in 1:1 scale was a game-changer. It's like the first moment you put on glasses: everything you missed or overlooked snaps into focus. Why settle for imagining when you can walk through your plans in full clarity? It's an investment in precision and peace of mind."

Daniel and Emma O'Brien, Ryde, NSW

Sydney Studio

1A Queen Street

Intellectual Property

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United States: Granted standard patent no. 201716333822
Europe: Patent application number EP17849933In addition to numerous patents and trademarks registered and pending in various global jurisdictions.

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